Clinical Order Sets and Why they Matter

Are your Clinical Order Sets ready for go-live? Are you already live, but your Order Sets are holding you back? Depending on their status, Order Sets can either be a source of happiness or the cause of great frustration. Despite what is touted by Electronic Health Record (EHR) software vendors, EHRs do not come with fully functioning standard Order Sets, and third-party clinical content companies are likewise lacking in their advertised “out of the box” solutions. If your organization is suffering from Order Set frustration, there are steps you can take to improve the situation.

This white paper discusses the importance of Clinical Order Sets and several factors surrounding the setup and proper use of them. They should be current, accurate and comprehensive. They coordinate the practice of the entire healthcare team and must support the organization’s workflows. Many organizations find the development and maintenance of order sets to be much harder than they initially anticipated.

Key Points

  • Clinical Order Sets & Patient Safety
  • Steps to Success
  • Why Should You Care About Clinical Order Sets?
  • If Your EHR is Already Live, it’s Not Too Late!
  • Preparing Clinical Order Sets for Go-Live.

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