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It turns out the implementation of your Electronic Health Record system (EHR) was the easy part. No matter how expensive and arduous the implementation phase of your EHR system was, you now need to support it. Once implemented, organizations need to focus on support quality, end-user satisfaction, optimization, and more. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations find their IT departments understaffed, overworked, and with a limited budget to support all of these activities.


Would it benefit your organization to increase the value of your Epic system support spend with a 37%* reduction? Through our Epic Application Managed Services offering, Optimum Healthcare IT can help your organization realize a similar reduction in cost and an increase in benefits, such as output, service, quality, user satisfaction, and scalability. Optimum provides more than experienced virtual labor - our model recognizes the delineation of work, labor, and process needed, both on-site and remotely, to work effectively and efficiently with proven, real-world results.
*Actual client cost reduction. Your results may vary.




Optimum’s Epic Application Managed Services offering is more than a “remote support” staffing model. It is resource and task specialization which maximizes productivity, increases scalability and quality, and pushes work to lower-cost resources without compromising output and quality — thereby allowing an organization to overcome the common Epic support challenges.

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Academic Medical Center

After implementing the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the academic medical center was facing a limited operational support budget that negatively impacted support quality, end-user satisfaction, and application team morale. The restricted budget has led to insufficient staffing capacity, forcing the team to prioritize their time working on an underestimated volume of required maintenance, upgrades, and break-fix incidents..

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