Community Connect – Expanding Epic into the Community

Historically, Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementations have been limited to large-scale multi-hospital healthcare systems in heavily populated areas. While the hefty price tag of EHR implementations may be more easily absorbed by big healthcare systems, the benefits of EHR technology and improved patient care shouldn’t be. The gap between big healthcare and their smaller counterparts has only widened as the complexity of EHR technology has increased. That’s where Epic Community Connect is changing the game.

Community Connect transforms the quality of care landscape for smaller healthcare organizations by extending Epic EHR functionality to the smaller facilities that may not have the resources to sustain a full-scale EHR implementation. As a leader in Epic EHR implementations, Optimum Healthcare IT has positioned itself to become the leader in Community Connect implementations across the country.

Key Points

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” –  Plato

  • What is Community Connect?
  • The Evolution of Community Connect
  • What is the Stark Law?
  • Benefits of Implementing an EHR
  • Optimum’s Commitment to Community Connect

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