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  • Blog: SMART Goals for Super Users | Optimum Healthcare IT Insights
    SMART Goals for Super Users
    Defining SMART Goals for your Super User program will greatly increase the likelihood that your team is ready for productive Go-Live support.
  • Blog: A New Approach to Ongoing EHR Training
    A New Approach to Ongoing EHR Training
    EHR implementations require commitment and training throughout an organization. What if there was a new approach to ongoing EHR Training?
  • Blog: Top 5 Posts of 2021
    Optimum Healthcare IT Top 5 Posts of 2021
    Each year, Optimum Healthcare IT publishes content across many areas of our business. Here are the top 5 posts from 2021.
  • Whitepaper: Governance - What's the Big Deal?
    Governance: What’s the Big Deal?
    A robust governance framework lays the foundation for decision-making, resource allocation, and prioritization.
  • Targeted Training: Promoting EHR Efficiency
    Technical implementation of an EHR is incredibly important. A solid provider training plan can make or break the long term success of the system.
  • ERP System Selection
    ERP System Selection: Evaluating Options and Building Consensus
    In today’s healthcare environment, controlling cost is an essential component of the business. However, costs can’t be controlled unless they are appropriately measured & made visible to decision-makers throughout the organization. Doing so requires a modern & well-deployed ERP solution.
  • Infographic: 5 Signs You Need a Managed Services Partner
    5 Signs You Need a Managed Services Partner
    Your teams are being pulled in a multitude of directions - you need a managed services partner as Healthcare IT continues to accelerate.
  • COVID-19 Hand Hygiene Recommendations
    CDC recommendations reflect the important role of hand hygiene for preventing the transmission of pathogens in healthcare settings.
  • 2019 Health Data Breaches
    Year in Review: 2019 Healthcare Data Breaches
    At the conclusion of 2019, the industry again saw a new record set for the number of health data security breaches. In total, 353 healthcare providers were breached with the most common method of breach being hacking/IT incidents.