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3 Things Zombies can teach you about Success in MACRA, and Increasing your Payment Adjustment – Part of the MACRA 101 Series

There are many meanings of the word zombie…We are talking about the “Classic TV Zombie” in this post.  Of course, you don’t want to actually become a Zombie.  Too many downsides, for sure. But, here are 3 Things you can learn from Zombies…

zombies-macra-optimum-healthcare-it1.   Zombies Search Out and Eat Brains

BRAAAAAIIIINNNSSS.  You should do this too.  Well, not EAT brains… (because…ewww!) But you should be shambling about your organization to find the people who know about, or have an interest in MACRA.  Pick their brains.

Find the MACRA experts, and let them lead you to those tasty bits of knowledge.  In the time of the Apocalypse (MACRA Transition Year), now is the time to find the specialized human team members, and bring them into your Hoard.  Here’s how…

2.   Zombies Are Infectious

Just one bite, and their victim is doomed.  Be like this zombie, and infect others with the desire to learn about MACRA, and put the reporting categories into action.  If you don’t have a MACRA specialist on staff, you can make one.  Delegate the best person, and send them out to learn as much as they can about MACRA.  Even if all they do is consult specialists, and have a consultant guide your efforts.  You don’t have to worry about zombifying the consultant, since they are already infected.

One zombie alone can’t do much…but what it can do – it does with single minded focus and with great success.  Create a Hoard of Zombies.  A Zombie Hoard can tear down a city in mere days.  Or in the case of MACRA, infect as many of your team as you can – Having a team of the MACRA Infected will make deciphering and implementing reporting requirements much easier.

3.   Zombies Are Unstoppable & Focused

They shamble endlessly.  Some aren’t fast, but they just don’t stop.  Others are “Runner Zombies” – Yep, you guessed it – they run.  Either way…They keep coming.  That is a huge reason they are so formidable.

Sometimes you’ll be slow, and take small steps.  It takes time to figure out exactly what you need and want to report.  It takes more time to figure out how to make that reporting part of your routine.  But you have to keep going. Keep taking those steps.  Before long, you will lift your head up from your shambling, to realize that you are miles ahead.  The only way that doesn’t happen is if you just stop.

Pulling it all together – Zombie Style

Shamble through your team, and find out what they know.  Teach others about what MACRA means to your collective bottom-line.  Then stay focused and just don’t stop!  These are the three things you can do in 2017, to help you become successful implementing MACRA.  And increase your Payment Adjustment in 2019.

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