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Are you a Super User sleuth? Understanding who is best to serve this vital role in Epic Training might not be so obvious. Use the following guide to ensure that you can identify super users and that you are getting the most out of this essential training role.

1. Define super user roles and responsibilities.
Super Users contribute to strong, purposeful, and sustainable training at your organization. Before you select your super users, decide what it means to be a super user at your organization. What responsibilities will they have at the department level and at the organization level?

2. Select super users by characteristics.
Your best super-user may not be the most tech-savvy department resource. Look for a candidate that instead has a strong rapport across roles in their department. This may not be the most senior role in the department. Strong super users will have excellent communication skills, and they’ll understand both organizational workflows and the rationale behind them.

3. Distribute super user roles across schedules.
You will require multiple super users to cover you around the clock. Do you have an even distribution of super users for days, evenings, and nights? Weekdays and weekends? Complete coverage ensures all user groups receive attention and training from super users.

4. Train super users to higher standards.
Super users must understand how to use the system as individual users and they must have a higher understanding of the system to teach others. Invest more time and courses in training super users to receive reciprocal effects of knowledge transfer.

5. Develop a super user plan with clear expectations.
Super users are vital to your organization leading up to Go-Live, during go-live, and post-live.  They are one of the most critical keys to your long-term change management success. Frequently communicate with super users to hold them accountable, promote their continued engagement, and learn how end users are adopting your system changes.

Super users are change advocates and proponents of new ways of working. They are a vital training resource, and the best part is they are already part of your organization.

Are you prepared to develop a strong super-user program? Optimum Healthcare IT supports all aspects of activation, including sustaining your super user program. Reach out to us today for support on this essential indicator of Go-Live success.

Want to learn more on how to identify Super Users and maximize your Super User program? Reach out to our team or your sales associate for details on how Optimum Healthcare IT combines simplicity, staffing, and managed services with healthcare and IT to help you improve patient care.

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