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Preparing to implement your first Epic Community Connect (CC) Practice? Do you have enough resources? Do you have the right Community Connect resources? We all typically focus on certified build and design analysts, but do you have a qualified resource to perform the below duties?

  1. Meet with the CC practice to define a current workflow.
  2. Evaluate and confirm equipment/network has been ordered.
  3. Collect all forms pertinent for the initial build of the site.
  4. Assess function and office flow of the site and collaborate with the office manager to develop an implementation plan that will achieve the best results.
  5. Provide Pre-Go Live checklists.
  6. Create/Build Smart text, phrases, sets, and letters.
  7. Assist with training abstraction of clinical data and appointment conversion.
  8. Schedule elbow staff accordingly during Go-Live to meet the support needs of the site.
  9. Mentor and train future site leads.

The person performing the above duties and much more is a Site Lead. A Site Lead is going to be one of the most important resources on your team. The practice will trust this person. The practice will look to this person to reassure them all the changes that will be made with an Epic implementation – are the best processes for their staff and most importantly for their patient’s care. Having a clinical background is helpful but not necessary. A medical assistant, LPN or RN provides a level of knowledge when making workflow and documentation decisions especially if he or she has worked in a clinical setting using Epic.

As well as being a key person to the community practice, this person will be a key player to your Community Connect team. This person will be able to answer questions your team has when building the department, the profile, users and so on. It is very important to answer questions before going live and not during. The more info you have up front – the more successful your implementation. A Site Lead will be the liaison between the practice and the CC project manager. Although keeping resources at a minimum is a goal, don’t discredit the value of a Site Lead to ensure a successful Community Connect program.

It takes a team to implement Epic Community Connect, but without the right leader in place, the chances of success are slim.

Do you need some help building your team or making sure you have the right leader in place? If so, contact Optimum today to start on your path to success.

If you are interested in learning more about Epic Community Connect, download our white paper entitled Expanding Epic into the Community.

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