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Let’s break down what the buzz phrase ‘digital transformation’ means. By now, I’m sure that you have seen many organizations in healthcare using this in many ways. Not too long ago, digital transformation even included implementing an EMR. But today, there’s a new digital frontier that health systems are working toward.

Digital transformation is not always about buying the new, shiny object. It can be just as valuable to leverage the capabilities of today’s technology to create efficiencies, better financial performance, and better patient outcomes that work for both patients and healthcare systems.

Here at Optimum, we’ve aligned ourselves with some pretty significant players in the digital transformation space with Epic, Workday, AWS and ServiceNow. As a leading digital transformation agency, our partners are looking to us to lead in the development of services, advisory and solutions that align appropriately. Our unique Elite partnership with ServiceNow, coupled with our certified Workday partnership, enables us to provide tailored services, advisory, and solutions that align seamlessly with the complex needs of health systems.

As organizations seek a more vertical perspective in healthcare nuances, we leverage our expertise to drive innovation and value creation within these transformative platforms. But transformation doesn’t stop there – it’s also about creating innovation within those products.

Let’s take Epic, for example. Our longstanding partnership with Epic has positioned us as a technology innovation partner for health systems, helping them maximize the ROI of their EMR. In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, where health systems are often overwhelmed with operational challenges, our role is to unlock untapped potential within their existing technology infrastructure.

Our relationship with them is 12 years strong (and counting), and health systems have looked to us as a partner in technology innovation as we look to maximize the return on investment for their EMRs.

When it comes to transformation, health systems tend to need help. After all, health systems are quite frankly inundated with just keeping the lights on post-COVID. So, to fully examine all of the capabilities of an EMR system like Epic that has already been successfully implemented into their operations and try to find added value with it can be a difficult project to carve time and resources out to accomplish.

That’s where we come in. We have the ability to dive into their technology stacks and see if there are areas like physician productivity, operating margins, population health, and mobile interoperability to find added value. And the best part about these potentially new areas is that they can typically be found within the EMR as is. There isn’t a need to purchase additional modules. We provide your organization the ability to operationalize these modules and implement the change management needed to be successful.

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a strategic necessity for health systems in today’s healthcare landscape. As CIOs navigate the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, our commitment is to serve as a trusted partner, helping them unlock the full potential of their technology investments and achieve their strategic objectives.

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Gene Scheurer

Chief Executive Officer  

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