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In a sea of palm trees and more than 30,000 attendees, the healthcare industry gathered once again this year in Orlando. The carpeted paths led to continued discussions surrounding topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity, similar to what we’ve seen a lot of so far this year.

Beyond those familiar topics, the audience of C-suite executives echoed one very similar goal for 2024 – to focus on value and to align innovation with the wants and needs of their patient populations. Here are a few takeaways from our team of experts who attended HIMSS.

AI retained its crown as most impactful topic of 2024 (so far)

“I believe we saw the sharpest technological jump from one year to the next at HIMSS 2024 in Orlando. We saw new AI features in practically every vendor offering on the floor and the majority of sessions were dedicated to the topic. The overarching theme was optimistic with the collective discussions centered on how we are still only in the infancy stages of the vast potential for how AI can and will be eventually applied.

We heard about many exciting use cases of how AI is currently being utilized to automate and reduce administrative burdens and assist physicians with tasks such as portal messaging to clinical decision support. One such session I attended was hosted by Google where we heard from Sameer Sethi, Chief Data and Analytics Officer from Hackensack Meridian Health and Vish Anantaraman, MD, Chief Technology Officer from the Mayo Clinic as they discussed how they are leveraging their validated data and Google Cloud Technology to deliver generative AI solutions in effort to improve access to medical information for their clinicians, operational team and patients.”

Denise Egan, Regional Director, Client Services

Executives are on the hunt for value (internally and externally)

“So many hospitals and health systems are actively seeking out “value,” specifically within their ServiceNow platform. A major trend in conversations that I had on the HIMSS floor was a mixture of optimism for the future of new solutions and products that will help organizations down the road as well as a sense of hesitation due to some foundational concerns. Most hospitals are just having trouble with realizing the value of the ServiceNow platform. They want to get to a place where emerging technologies like AI can be realistic, but for the most part, they need help with the core foundation of the platform before they can build anything else on it.”

Louie Gomez, Chief Technical Architect, ServiceNow

“One of the major reasons why value is so top of mind for many executives is their operational budget. There has certainly been some belt tightening in the industry lately, and it’s not just the smaller organizations that are feeling it. So for vendors to be able to build relationships with prospects, it’s very important to focus conversations around value right now.”

Shelly Vanausdoll, Vice President, Healthcare, Channel Partnerships, and Alliances

The future of integrations, cybersecurity and mobile applications

“In the coming year, I believe we will hear more about edge computing and the continued enablement of high-quality, low-latency telemedicine consultations, hospital at home, drones for delivery, virtual care and more. Edge computing is providing great improvements to the quality of remote healthcare services, saving lives, and improving outcomes.

I believe we will also hear more about “AI hallucinations” and its potential impacts. We will continue to hear about the importance of high quality and validated data with increased attention to the avoidance of bias in training models.

Finally, with the latest Change Healthcare cyberattack, I believe we will hear continued discussion of large vendor market share in healthcare and its danger to our industry. In tandem, I can imagine we will see increased spending dedicated to security in our industry as a whole. Healthcare still lags far behind other industries in cybersecurity spending and, as a result, 2023 was the worst year on record for data breaches targeting healthcare, with 2024 starting off with a far more aggressive cadence. I believe we will start to see government and vendors leading the spend in effort to provide continued assurances to providers and our patient populations.”


“This year, we saw a shift toward mobile applications and other emerging technologies that allow for a more fluid operating model. For us, we learned that we are headed in the right direction as we begin to focus our ServiceNow offerings to include the clinical side of operations and, eventually, to expand outside of IT to human resources, supply chain and the full clinical staff.”


HIMSS is still an impactful conference

“Every year since COVID, the HIMSS conference has gotten bigger and better. This year felt like there were even more strategic meetings scheduled even before getting to the conference floor, and the makeup of those attending included more C-suite and top-level executives. This makes for great opportunities to meet face-to-face and really understand the wants and needs of your potential customers.”


“There was great enthusiasm everywhere to be found this year at HIMSS! I can’t wait to see what advancements and use cases we see over the coming year through these AI applications.”


“I believe that there was a ton of progression in topics discussed on the floor, and it represents the flow of the industry pretty well.”


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