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The investment to implement an EHR application requires commitment and transformation at all levels of an organization. Like most complex applications today, successful implementation hinges on the quality of end-user training and immediate Go-Live support. To ensure initial success, EHR vendors push for extensive training programs that are module-focused and resource-heavy. Typically, those resources and processes stay in place post-go-live and work well for a time, but what happens beyond year one or year two? What if there was a new approach to ongoing EHR Training?

“I’ve delivered close to 200 Go-Lives, and one of the most vital yet most overlooked aspects of long-term success is training. And not just during the Go-Live. Go-Live training will get you started, but systems evolve, and updates are installed. Your end-users must evolve with the system, and the only way they can do that is to be trained. Ongoing training support is essential for long-term success,” stated Rebecca Manne, Executive Vice President for Training and Activation at Optimum Healthcare IT.

The acceleration of adoption rates post-pandemic presents a pointed opportunity to evolve above and beyond healthcare’s normal rate of change. With remote training now a regular part of healthcare operations, there are some questions to consider:

  • Can we explore ideas like virtual training as a standard practice that would never have been adopted in the past?
  • What do my resource needs look like when combining virtual training and other application changes like more manageable upgrades?
  • How does computer-based training fit into our organization? If you are transitioning, does the support structure you have in place make sense for CBT support in the future?
  • The above present a larger question, is it time to reassess how you support your training functions?

A training support service provides value by leveraging best practices across clients, optimizing utilization of trainers and managers, and pushing administrative work to less expensive resources or automation. The result is cost savings across the board, whether you outsource all training activities or supplement your team with the flexibility of training service.

As a proven implementation partner, Optimum is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the best ongoing EHR training and support services in the industry. Our training services include everything from virtual classroom training, curriculum management, and learning management system (LMS) administration to clinical service desk support and fractional training managers.

The “great employee shuffle” has organizations re-thinking how they staff their teams in order to reallocate costs, save costs, and retain and invest in existing staff. If you are interested in learning more about our training support service, you can read more about Optimum TrainingExpress here or contact us today.

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