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Meet Trevor MacGinitie. Originally hailing from Roxbury, CT, MacGinitie is an Economics major and Computer Science minor graduate from Clemson University, where he discovered a passion for data analysis and the highly technical side of the math and science fields. Shortly after graduation, MacGinitie pursued a rewarding career in IT and joined the first Optimum CareerPath cohort. Twelve weeks of “boot camp” prepared MacGinitie for an unexpected industry to launch his career — healthcare. Now, MacGinitie is a Kronos Analyst at Southcoast Health, which serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island patient populations. In this Optimum CareerPath Spotlight, we ask, so who is MacGinitie? And, what does he do as a Kronos Analyst? Great questions — read on!

Kronos is a timekeeping and payroll software used to track shifts and pay employees. The software is a key solution for healthcare organizations, an industry that must accommodate irregular work shifts, to ensure they pay their employees on time and in the correct amount. MacGinitie joined a small team at Southcoast as a Kronos analyst, where the team supports a variety of responsibilities from help desk tickets, software updates, and rollouts, and even establishing new workflows to meet different department functionality requirements.

Soon after MacGinitie started at Southcoast, though, the Massachusetts State Government passed a COVID Reimbursement Fund that paid for employees’ leave due to COVID. While the benefits to both Southcoast and its employees were a win-win, the small IT team at Southcoast now had to accommodate a new workflow. Cue MacGinitie. The COVID fund became his primary responsibility, and he’s quickly found autonomy in his role, even speaking up on a 250-person team call — not a given feat for most employees at the start of their careers.

So, I asked MacGinitie how he developed the soft skills – communication, confidence, leadership — to have such a strong start at Southcoast. In large part, he credits CareerPath as a bridge between college and his first professional gig. The CareerPath program includes six weeks of healthcare-industry content, in partnership with CHIME, followed by a six-week technical track, in MacGinitie’s case, Kronos, which typically includes certification. The coursework and expectations are rigorous. MacGinitie even compared the experience as an extension of his college work, but it was worth it. Between the group work and presentations, MacGinitie graduated from the program ready to provide value as a Kronos analyst on Day 1.

About his CareerPath peers, he says,

“Everyone comes with a motivation and ability to learn. We’re not all experts in healthcare or the tech [in the beginning], but we’re really adaptable. That’s one of the most important things you can have in most jobs.” He went on to add, referencing his ease at talking to large groups, “Communication skills are huge. And, you will be able to communicate at the end of the [CareerPath] program.”

CareerPath can’t take all the credit for MacGinitie’s success. A key part of the program is recruiting that talent. And MacGinitie’s resume is a long list of wins — from scholars, honors, and awards galore, and a 35 on the ACT, MacGinitie was in it to win it, as they say. But the program does help ensure that these highly talented individuals are not only prepared for healthcare careers but supported once they start.

MacGinitie remarks that “Early on, I had so many questions about how things were done at the Southcoast, and I didn’t want to have to drain my coworker’s time with questions constantly. So I could turn to someone at Optimum. And, I’ve reached out to people in the CHIME program, too. There are a lot of really smart people who are friendly and willing to help. Those relationships have been so rewarding.”

It’s true that MacGinitie did not initially seek out a career in healthcare. Through Optimum CareerPath, he discovered that a passion for data analysis and all-things technical could indeed coexist with an impact-based career, such as one in healthcare. He’s seeing the significance of his talent on a daily basis. He says, “It’s pretty rewarding to hear people be so appreciative of helping them. People are so grateful when it comes to resolving their technical issues.”

So, what does this all-star Kronos Analyst do outside of work hours? Well, the answer is honestly a lot. Between hiking and the outdoors — even learning to ski — watching anime series, and spending time with friends — did I mention a seriously mean trivia game? — he maintains the spirit of a lifelong learner. “Someday,” he says, “I want to create some project that I’m proud of in coding.” So, he’s learning coding, machine learning, and natural language models … in his spare time. Trevor MacGinitie, we at Optimum have no doubt that you’ll accomplish such a task.

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The Optimum CareerPath Spotlight series showcases the talents and backgrounds of CareerPath graduates. Optimum CareerPath is a targeted recruiting, training, and placement program that identifies and trains high-aptitude, early-career employees. After a 12-week, paid training program, CareerPath graduates are placed at client partner sites for rewarding careers in healthcare IT. Learn who the people are behind this innovative talent program.

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