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A Chief Information Security Officer is a broad and complex role that requires passion. Over the recent past, the CISO role has evolved from the “computer guru” taking on an ad hoc security role to a dedicated team of technical security staff reporting to the CIO, to the now-pertinent need for a full-time security leader. But what’s a vCISO and how do I know if I need one?

A vCISO is a virtual Chief Information Security Officer, and it’s a new trend that offers organizations fresh perspectives, highly qualified talent, and industry-specific experience, which for healthcare i Is a critical differentiator for CISO talent.

The healthcare industry has an even more critical need to balance IT operations and security which can be very difficult because the mission is to ensure patient safety. A healthcare CISO is responsible for protecting an organization from the standard threats of unauthorized access, vulnerabilities, and malware all while ensuring the organization’s security requirements are compliant with regulations such as HIPAA. This is no easy feat.

With medical technology’s rapid advancements and new biomed tech on the market every day, healthcare CISOs must understand intuitively how to balance the risk of new tech with its ability to impact patient success. In other words, it’s a more demanding role than ever before. Not only are threats coming faster, but they’re more intense, more targeted, and more impactful. For the first time, CISOs are up against strong forces such as nation-states and remote hackers.

In 2022, staffing high-performing, high-talent jobs is a challenge. Finding the right person for your organization amid a competitive landscape requires high salaries and alluring benefits, which are harder for small and medium companies to afford. And yet, your security and operations can’t afford for you not to invest. What to do?

Now, is the perfect time to embrace the concept of a virtual CISO or a vCISO. Unsure if you need a vCISO? Let’s spell out the benefits!

V is for Virtual.
2020 and beyond has proved the benefits of a virtual workforce. By embracing virtual talent, you widen your search significantly, finding better talent and diversity to contribute to your organization. The best CISO for your organization may not even be in your state!

C is for Chief.
Our vCISOs are true healthcare leaders. Effective candidates bring healthcare-focused experience combined with deep financial expertise. Healthcare is a niche industry requiring niche talent, and with a vCISO, you get both.

I is for Information.
With the speed of technology, vCISOs must always stay abreast of new technology and the implications of implementing it in their current landscape. A vCISO can offer a fresh perspective on security. Additionally, Optimum provides vCISOs with the latest knowledge on security and operational best practices.

S is for Security.
Staffed from outside your organization, vCISOs offer an unbiased prioritization of security threats when they occur. With widespread experience in previous organizations, vCISOs can better assess your security landscape. Properly scoped security controls slow down attackers, contain threats, and improve your data security, setting you up for better long-term success.

O is for Opportunity.
Your business requirements and needs change over time, and your CISO’s relationship should adapt to those changes. A vCISO allows you greater flexibility, with full-time and part-time options to serve you at the time of need best. Additionally, vCISOs can stand in as subject matter experts to support needs as they arise in a more affordable arrangement for your organization.

In conclusion, a vCISO provides a fresh perspective, quality talent, and optimal results at a more affordable price point. If you’re ready to try a vCISO for your organization, Optimum can help you staff the right candidate. Learn more about our CyberSecurity team here and if you think a vCISO might be right for you, contact our team today to get the conversation started.

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