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Helping HR teams accomplish more with less

In any setting, HR teams are asked to manage a lot, but in the healthcare industry, there are added layers of complexity that HR staff must navigate, including strict regulations and compliance standards, sensitive data, clearances, and more.

Healthcare HR teams feel stretched thin managing a wide range of responsibilities with minimal resources, such as:

  • Optimizing benefits, answering questions, and connecting staff to resources
  • Maintaining compliance, reporting, and accurate employee data
  • Enhancing engagement and retention through boosting morale and incentives
  • Offering ongoing training, professional development, and mentorship programs
GenAI HR Challenges

Improving provider experience

Retaining top provider talent hinges on effectively, consistently, and compassionately meeting their basic needs. However, while many healthcare organizations prioritize bedside care, back-office support typically falls to the back burner, resulting in poor provider experiences.

Symptoms of poor provider experience often caused by back-office inefficiencies include:

  • Onboarding delays and slow response times
  • Lack of clarity around benefits programs
  • Inconsistent or flawed payroll systems
  • Limited access to training resources
  • Scheduling issues or difficulty requesting time off
GenAI HR Teams Employee Portal

These issues not only decrease job satisfaction and increase stress but also contribute to high turnover rates, ultimately impacting patient care.

Building a healthy workplace culture

Building a healthy culture is more crucial in an era where employees often feel disconnected from their workplace. This is especially true in healthcare, where employees and providers tend to feel undervalued more commonly than in many other fields.

While poor workplace culture can rarely be attributed to just one factor, manual and inefficient HR systems can perpetuate a poor work environment, causing issues like:

  • Employee requests and complaints falling through the cracks
  • Delayed or nonexistent recognition and appreciation programs
  • Disjointed communication between management and staff
  • Unreasonable workloads due to manual processes and poor task management systems
  • Minimal access to employee development opportunities
Gen AI HR Human Resources Personalize Experience

Did you miss the webinar on this topic?

In the world of healthcare, where employee burnout and staff shortages are on the rise, HR leaders are under a lot of pressure to keep up with employee needs. Additionally, they’re told they must adopt generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to increase efficiency. 

Can GenAI actually help improve employee experiences and workplace culture? If so, how do HR leaders apply the solution in practical, responsible ways that protect sensitive data?

In this episode of Healthy as Tech talk, Natalie Tollefson, Senior Director of Customer Success at Optimum Healthcare IT, sat down with Danny Runyon, Sr. Advisory Solution Consultant at ServiceNow, to explore how GenAI in healthcare HR is revolutionizing employee experience and how you can use it to transform work for your teams.


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Natalie Tollefson

Sr. Director, Customer Success

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