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In the fast-paced and highly regulated world of healthcare, efficient and accurate maintenance of clinical devices is crucial. However, traditional desktop-only CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) present significant roadblocks that can impede technicians’ productivity and effectiveness. Mobile apps offer a transformative solution to these challenges. By freeing technicians from manual, error-prone processes, encouraging clinicians to submit work orders more efficiently, and ensuring compliance with standardized data, mobile CMMS solutions pave the way for a seamless and responsive maintenance experience. Below, we explore three major roadblocks in desktop-only CMMS systems and how mobile apps can overcome them, ultimately optimizing healthcare maintenance operations.

1. Technicians Are Bogged Down With Manual, Error-Prone Processes

How can healthcare technicians solve on-the-floor device issues when their tools and data live at their desks?

When organizations use desktop-only CMMS systems, technicians are tied to their desks or run back and forth from the floor to the office, which slows response times, complicates the maintenance process, and increases the risk of missing crucial information in reporting.

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2. Clinicians Don’t Submit Work Orders, Leaving Device Errors Unaddressed

Clinicians are busy moving from patient to patient and often don’t have time to waste on submitting device work orders when the process feels cumbersome and time-consuming.

Instead, device issues go unaddressed, which leads to:

  • Challenges in tracking device locations and lifecycle value
  • Bottlenecks in maintenance due to incomplete data
  • Overstocking or stockouts due to inventory mismanagement
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3. Ensuring Compliance Is Challenging Without Standardized Data

The pressure to keep up with healthcare’s strict regulatory requirements for device maintenance, tracking, and reporting can feel crushing.

Ensuring that all maintenance and service activities are accurately documented and easily retrievable during audits can be challenging without one source of truth that standardizes data or the ability to log device data in real time on the floor.

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Transitioning to a Mobile CMMS Experience

Are you ready to embrace the full potential of mobile work order management but aren’t sure where to start?

Our team at Optimum has spent years helping healthcare organizations transform their clinical device management processes with our ServiceNow CDM Mobile App. If you’re interested in learning more about how you could optimize your CMMS or see our mobile app in action, visit our website or reach out to connect.

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