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Transforming an organizational obstacle into a strength is critical for operational efficiency. However, the path forward in transformation includes facing some unique hurdles head-on, from integration complexities to user adoption barriers.  

So, when healthcare IT executives choose a platform like ServiceNow, the organization must embark on a comprehensive initiative and conduct an organization-wide analysis to align business objectives with operational goals. 

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, our team tends to speak with several organizations that encounter healthcare IT executives who are either in the midst of their initiative and analysis or are considering the platform as part of their digital transformation. Recently, our ServiceNow team attended the Knowledge 2024 event in Las Vegas and had in-depth discussions with healthcare executives from a wide range of health systems across the country.  

Here are a few of the biggest trends and takeaways from those conversations: 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here – and will change workflows across industries 

Nate Wilson, Senior Solutions Consultant: When walking around the event space, it was hard to miss ‘AI.’ I would say currently, it’s in more of an “artificial” stage than an “intelligent” one, but it is getting there. I think from a ServiceNow standpoint, they are leading the way with AI in certain areas, such as data mining and process management. Overall, AI is a very interesting technology, and it’s going to be even more interesting once the technology goes beyond content summaries and begins suggesting actions regarding workflow bottlenecks and inefficiencies.  

Natalie Tollefson, Senior Director, Customer Success: Over the past year, ServiceNow has really been on the cutting edge when it comes to generative AI. In fact, ServiceNow announced even more Now Assist capabilities at the conference. ServiceNow is releasing a wide range of generative AI functionality just to help organizations from a productivity and overall experience standpoint. The one exciting area that I believe we’re going to be able to partner on will be industry-focused AI use cases. As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, that is where our experience in the healthcare space will be most productive. 

ServiceNow is ‘the platform of all platforms’ – and it’s all about experience 

Natalie: I think more and more organizations, especially in healthcare, tend to focus more on the patient-facing side of innovation and are typically at least 3-4 years behind when it comes to back-office innovation. The beauty of utilizing a platform such as ServiceNow is that the platform truly is an experience-based platform. So, the number one focus your organization should have is to make processes easier for people. That’s where our customers are seeing the most value – while productivity gains do come from the platform, they usually happen as a result of improving the user experience and the use of automation. 

The platform is an internal disruptor, in a positive way 

Natalie: I think a lot of the disruption that’s happening internally within these organizations is that the ServiceNow platform, when being deployed in the context of true enterprise service management, forces executive stakeholders across the business, both within and outside of IT, to align on the strategic goals of the organization. We’ve found out quickly that our customers who are able to develop that alignment quickly rise to the top of the pack. Unfortunately, these difficult conversations have been a challenge for others. 

Brian Maguire, Enterprise Architect: I agree with Natalie. A common theme that I heard from our customers and other organizations is that they are struggling to have those difficult conversations, I think specifically in strategic portfolio management. A lot of organizations are striving for enterprise PMO models and trying to figure out how they’re going to move forward as an organization in the most value-focused way possible, yet remain stuck. When healthcare organizations find themselves working with such a powerful platform like ServiceNow, there’s the potential to work to pile in silos, causing priority misalignments that eventually eats away at their budgets. But in order to truly take advantage of this platform, there needs to be alignment across all service delivery teams. 

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