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Radically changing your IT infrastructure requires a shift in your business mindset

Do you want total control of your organization’s IT assets? You’ve likely considered—or already purchased—a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This powerful tool is akin to a world of IT “nirvana”—maintaining all processes and systems on one dashboard with automated processes acting on vulnerabilities across departments and platforms…

…if only it were as simple as buying a CMDB platform & turning it.

We hear from many IT leaders that the pain points associated with getting a CMDB platform to work in a healthcare system are multifold. The setup and maintenance of the system alone are profoundly more challenging in the healthcare industry, which faces higher standards of compliance and security than many other industries combined with a rapidly changing tech landscape. Healthcare IT talent is hard to find and retain, and new medical tech devices can introduce threats to the established system. And, let’s not forget those limited budgets.

Too often, we meet IT leaders who are frustrated that their CMDB systems will never be good enough, and they’ll never be “done.” Herein lies the problem. Too often, leaders see technology platforms as solutions rather than enablers of a long-term strategy. Solutions are static, whereas strategies evolve.

Your CMDB platform is no exception. A simple shift in mindset, from solution to strategy, will enable you to accomplish more on the long journey to that IT nirvana vision.

Let’s consider a simple metaphor. You want to climb Mt. Everest for the view at the summit. So, you purchased a park ticket to climb the mountain. Even though you technically have access to the summit, you don’t have the right hiking boots, poles, or even a map. And, you didn’t hire a Sherpa. How will you ever get to the top?

It sounds absurd – no one climbs Mt. Everest without the right tools or guidance. In this metaphor, reaching the summit is the state of IT nirvana you were sold on, but your CMDB platform is only the park ticket. The journey to get there is just as important as the end goal. Any experienced hiker will tell you that a quality Sherpa will make the journey much smoother and more enjoyable. You’ll likely take in more benefits along the way. However, an inexperienced Sherpa can take you on a more difficult path, miss warning signs along the way, and may not ensure your journey to the summit.

Similar to climbing Mt. Everest, building a CMDB fit for your organization is a daunting journey. The rewards of the view and a successful CMDB are plentiful. However, often underestimated, are the rewards to be gained along the way. Your path to building your CMDB will have several, smaller-win “pit stops” that will help you build toward that final vision. And, the path you take to the top will inevitably have to shift alongside changes in the business. The more experience you gain along the way, though, the more complexities and nuances in the CMDB journey you’ll be able to take on. You just have to get started.

As you contemplate your CMDB journey and consider why you want the view, how you’re going to get there, and who is going to guide you, you first need to refine your strategy. Start with the following questions:

  • How does your CMDB help deliver on your business strategy?
  • How do you decide what to prioritize when you have unlimited potential in your CMDB but the reality of limited resources?
  • How do you trust potential developers to help you plan and deliver what you need in a regulated and complex industry?

As ServiceNow and healthcare-industry-exclusive experts in Configuration Management Database, Optimum can be your Sherpa. We provide healthcare organizations the exact, nuanced guidance on how to best set a strategy and make progress toward that long-term vision.

Contact our ServiceNow team to discuss how shifting your mindset can improve your journey to a more robust CMDB strategy.

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Chris Prusse

ITOM and CMDB Configuration Architect

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