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When thinking about Go-Lives, we may only envision the day the facility begins to utilize the new electronic medical record (EMR). It is understood that a good training program and adequate staffing are needed for at-the-elbow support. However, there are many “behind the scenes activities” beneficial for the ultimate Go-Live experience. These important activation prep activities go a long way in ensuring a smooth Go-Live.

Knowing your end-users and assessing their needs is key to strategizing the cut over plan. This assessment begins with the managers of each department. Managers appreciate communication long before the actual Go-Live, and there are several ways to get them involved in the process. A simple walk through of the areas they are responsible for can provide a clear picture of the support they will need from the selected Go-Live resource firm.

The walk through assures confidence among the staff with the upcoming changes. One of the best forms of dispersing critical information and ensuring managers aren’t in the dark would be to set up work group meetings. Each manager should be present to address appropriate topics for transition planning. Additionally, specific action items can be discussed along with project updates.

Another activation prep activity should be the implementation of a Readiness team that will oversee events that take place onsite at each facility. The Readiness Team allows end-users the opportunity to see the system and get hands-on experience before day 1 of the Go-Live.

Once Go-Live arrives and all leadership, analysts, and at-the-elbow (ATE) support are onsite, all of the work done to get to this day becomes evident. The Command Center will be set up, complete with equipment and workstations, meal planning for staff, Go-Live meetings, and a full staffing schedule. The local environmental services (EVS) team needs to be aware of the added spaces, the cafeteria needs to account for the large abundance of people requiring onsite meals, and the parking requirements will need to be addressed.

Having an Onsite Project Manager to facilitate this remarkable transition can allow for a seamless EMR Go-Live experience for the facility and the organization. The comfort of knowing that an experienced individual or team is overseeing this new adventure is priceless.

Once a healthcare facility has decided to implement the new EMR of its choice, activation prep activities will begin. There is much more to the process than the obvious tasks. This awareness will play an important role in the EMR success. Leadership, a knowledgeable team, and a complete project plan are the beginning of this remarkable experience. As the saying goes, It takes a village to raise a child. Implementing a new EMR can be viewed the same as it will involve almost every employee in the healthcare organization to contribute to this new system and the journey to the final phase of Go Live.

If you’re in the process of selecting your EMR and are looking for an activation and implementation partner, contact us today.

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