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Key checkpoints are vital to ensure success when implementing a new EHR or optimizing your current system. Ensuring that the following have been discussed and agreed upon with key stakeholders is critical for success: – Scope is clearly defined – Timeline is realistic – WHO are your champions – Change impact assessments – Readiness – Training – Activation – Optimization –> Continuous Improvement –> Efficiency Communication is critical at all levels and phases. With consistent, robust, clear communication from the highest levels of your organization, adoption is enhanced, minimizing impacts on patient/family satisfaction, as well as co-worker satisfaction.

The presenter for the session was Rebecca Manne, a nurse with 40 years of clinical experience, the 15 of which has been leading large training and activation initiatives. In addition, Mrs. Manne’s leadership team has worked on over 125 training and go-live projects.

In this webinar, we discussed the following:

  • Focus on key considerations for both an initial EHR implementation, as well as an optimization of a current EHR system
  • Discussion of the key checkpoints vital to the success of implementation and optimization
  • How to leverage and maximize your teams to ensure
    • Success
    • Adoption
    • Continuous Improvements

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