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A confluence of factors has led to the need to improve Provider practice efficiency at Southcoast Health. These factors include patient safety, emerging technology, and regulatory requirements. Initially, the use of an EHR was conceived as a tool to integrate and address an overall improvement in these areas and drive quality patient care.

For a physician, feeling safe with the tools of medicine is about more than the interface. Optimizing the EHR’s impact is as much about change management as integration, functionality, and efficiency. For this to be successful, it needs to be one of shared ownership – Operations, IT, and Clinical all working together to help understand patient care workflows and how to align the EHR with the organization’s vision best.

In this webinar, we reviewed the experience of Southcoast Health, who understood their providers were dissatisfied. As part of planning for a double upgrade of their Epic EHR, they recognized a unique opportunity to reengage and energize their Providers and office staff.

Working with Optimum, together they designed a program that would:

  • Focus on supporting Providers with re-education to optimize provider practice efficiency
  • Include training on new initiatives (HCC)
  • Gain more effective use of tools

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Kevin McNamara, MD

Director of Provider Experience

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