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ERP System Selection

In today’s healthcare environment, controlling costs is essential to the business. However, costs can’t be controlled unless appropriately measured and made visible to decision-makers throughout the organization. With timely and accurate information, healthcare organizations can stay focused on improving the quality of care while making better decisions and lowering the costs of care to patients. Doing so requires a modern and well-deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Your ERP system is essential for a healthcare organization. This system provides an integrated view of core business operations, such as cash flow, orders and purchasing, payroll, HR, and more. More importantly, ERP systems allow healthcare systems to understand their finances and control costs in their supply chain. Many healthcare organizations are currently considering changing their ERP system, and having the right software is critically important to the success of these organizations. 

However, getting all operational areas to agree on a common solution can be challenging. So, how does a healthcare organization evaluate and gain consensus on an ERP solution that works well for our industry? When choosing an ERP vendor, organizations need to understand how their current processes operate and their desired results. Investing in the right resources and staff to implement the ERP system and train employees is also essential. This white paper will walk you through the typical components of an ERP system, deployment options, managing the selection process, facilitating a decision, ramping up, and when to bring in help.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the challenges of gaining consensus on your ERP system selection and how to achieve it.

The following topics are covered:

  • How to conduct a fair and effective ERP evaluation and selection process
  • Structuring an effective but comprehensive selection team
  • How to build an effective RFP quickly and efficiently
  • What to look for in an ERP evaluation
  • How to drive a decision and build consensus
  • Key factors to a successful ERP selection

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