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Digital Transformation

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Digital Transformation.
Optimum Healthcare IT Digital Transformation
ServiceNow Digital Transformation


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Simplified Pathways to
Healthcare Transformation

At Optimum, we understand the complexity of healthcare. We’ll become an extension of your team, making your patients our priority and your success our mission.

Our ServiceNow offerings are designed to help healthcare organizations overcome complexity, enhance patient care, and transform operations from the inside out.

Cloud Services

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Enabling healthcare organizations to focus on health instead of infrastructure

Navigating the crowded cloud space in healthcare can be overwhelming for IT leaders. At Optimum Healthcare IT, we specialize in cutting through the noise and providing clear solutions. Our deep expertise in healthcare—from staffing needs to technologies—ensures a smooth journey in cloud transformation.

Choosing Optimum means partnering with experts who understand both healthcare and cloud computing. For over a decade, we’ve helped healthcare clients optimize technology, ensuring efficient information management and security while reducing costs for better patient outcomes. Our dedicated team collaborates with you at every step and provides ongoing support, setting you up for long-term success.

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Healthcare cybersecurity, once predominantly compliance-driven, now grapples with escalating threats, with the industry emerging as a prime target for cyberattacks.

Amid this landscape, Optimum Healthcare IT recognizes the imperative for comprehensive assessment, planning, and implementation of security measures to fortify healthcare environments against relentless cyber threats, alongside regulatory adherence.

The substantial financial toll cyber-attacks take on the healthcare sector annually intensifies the strain on IT resources. To navigate this challenge, Optimum offers firsthand expertise in managing incident responses and providing tailored cybersecurity strategies to mitigate existing risks and fortify organizations against future threats. We understand the unique needs of each entity and are committed to crafting strategic cybersecurity plans that safeguard healthcare organizations into the future.

How We Help
  • Interim Services
  • Program Management
  • Architecture & Design
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Incident Response

Technical Transformation

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Healthcare organizations face mounting challenges in today’s complex landscape, managing intricate systems that require advanced skills.

Juggling multiple platforms, often numbering 15 to 20, raises the stakes for specific skill sets, as errors can lead to severe risks like exposure or downtime, impacting operations, finances, and patient care. Moreover, the rapid increase in IT spending is compounded by the overlap of similar products, driving up complexity and licensing fees.

Enterprise Application Services Optimum Healthcare IT Digital Transformation Technical Transformation Implementation

The critical nature of healthcare applications further intensifies the pressure, risking exposure or downtime that directly affects patient care and overall operations. Many organizations struggle to afford or properly staff the deep expertise needed to navigate this high-stakes environment. Optimum Healthcare IT, drawing on 13 years of experience, offers comprehensive solutions and strategies backed by former CTOs and CISOs with extensive experience in managing similar technologies and addressing healthcare’s unique challenges.

How We Help
  • Technology Assessments & Strategy
  • Program Implementation & Execution
  • Roadmap Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Ongoing Support & Managed Services Capabilities
  • Interim Technology Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Data Center, Disaster Recovery, & Business Continuity
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity

Ready to transform your healthcare IT operations?

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