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Specialists Training Specialists

The success or failure of an electronic health record implementation can often hinge on the engagement and buy-in of the organization’s physicians. When properly engaged, this vital group can champion the effort and escort your organization into the future. The Specialists Training Specialists (STS) approach increases engagement and ownership for this most important segment of end users. By embracing STS and preparing peer trainers, providers are given a more in-depth experience with the EHR and can serve as key figures in the organization for years to come.

STS gives providers one more way to become part of the implementation team by leading into the future instead of having the system forced upon them.

Engagement. Accountability. Sustainability. These three dimensions are the EHR implementation triple aim for physician adoption and preparation. During the last few years, reports of burnout, disengagement and the complaints of having something done to, rather than with them, have become a recurring refrain from individuals in the provider community during surveys and interviews on their EHR implementation and upgrade experiences. Recently, a major EHR system vendor started encouraging their clients to use a training strategy where providers train their peers as part of the overall physician adoption strategy. This practice, labeled Specialists Training Specialists (STS), offers a value proposition throughout the implementation cycle to increase engagement and partnership during EHR-related organizational transformations.

Key Points

As you begin to plan and execute an STS program as part of your overall physician adoption strategy, here are five key areas to explore:

  • Project Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Budget
  • Physician Adoption
  • Outcome Measurement