Ensuring a Successful Implementation and Go-Live

The successful implementation and go-live of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the culmination of years of planning and work. Understanding and preparing for the challenges that an organization faces in the weeks leading to go-live and effectively navigating those challenges will ultimately determine the project’s success.

Successful implementations are the result of effectively managing the months of planning and preparation for go-live and the rush of activity and preparation in the weeks leading to go-live. How do you prepare and support your organization, your end users, and your application teams? Are you prepared for the obstacles that await you?

A trusted partner that has a history of leading clients through the challenges of large-scale technical EHR go-lives is imperative. Optimum Healthcare IT provides years of EHR implementation and go-live experience and insight that will ensure a successful outcome.

In most cases, preparation for an Epic EHR implementation begins years in advance of the actual go-live date or dates. Implementations of this magnitude are not only the culmination of intense planning and preparation but are likely one of the most significant challenges an organization will undertake – one that will be felt in nearly every aspect of the organization. It will alter the way clinicians work, the way revenue is captured, the way information is reported and analyzed, and the way the organization operates. Invariably, no matter how much planning and preparation goes into the go-live, there is always a rush of activity in the months and weeks leading to go-live. The changes are epic … pun intended!

So how do we get there? How can you properly prepare for an implementation that will effectively change the way your organization operates? What is waiting for you in those final months and weeks leading to and including the go-live?

Key Points

Go-Lives don’t take weeks, they take months, and sometimes years.

  • Communication is Essential
  • Training Preparation
  • Command Center Logistics
  • Resource Allocation

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