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Healthcare provider, payer, software and life sciences organizations face increasing risks regarding the protected health information entrusted to them by their patients. The growth in electronic health records (EHRs), government regulation, technology risks, and recent efforts by state-sponsored hacking groups amplify the need for healthcare organizations to mature their information security programs. At the same time, the demands on healthcare IT resources are at an all-time high as organizations struggle to balance managing risk with new or optimizing business-driven initiatives.

In today’s healthcare environment, the demand for technological transformation is increasing. Organizations must shift their IT operations to accommodate new technology, regulations, and patient safety requirements while also designing their digital environment for more technically savvy clinicians and patients.




Optimum understands that your organization has a unique IT environment. Backed by our industry-proven expertise, Optimum provides guidance, best practices, and advisory services to ensure your technology projects’ success. The expertise that Optimum provides will translate your goals into a transformative plan that will not only improve your operations immediately but position the organization for success in the future.

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Optimum Healthcare IT has partnered with healthcare organizations since 2012. We understand healthcare IT operations, the current demands on healthcare IT staff, and the need to fully leverage IT spend. Our consultants have served as hospital CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. We have the experience and insight to share industry best practices and solutions to common problems. Whatever the engagement, we deliver an individualized experience,
customized to the needs and culture of your organization.

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