ERP Systems

March 20, 2018

Common risk areas of an ERP implementation

Read Time: 4 min Healthcare executives are realizing that their ERPs are out of date and cost more to maintain than it is saving them. This leads to the decision that a new system is needed and then a whole new list of challenges arises. Specifically, implementation and adoption.
February 8, 2018

Are You Ready for ERP in the Cloud?

Read Time: 3 min As healthcare organizations continue to explore new ways to lower their costs, one of the latest technologies being considered is cloud-based ERP systems. The question is: Is your organization ready to utilize an ERP in the cloud?
November 2, 2017

ERPs are Important Too

Read Time: 3 min ERP systems are relied upon to run business operations such as finance, human resources, and supply chain – many are out of date, limiting the availability of information to understand & react to the changing aspects of the business in real-time.