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Have you performed a health check on Patient Access and Front End Revenue Cycle lately?

In the uncertain and ever changing healthcare IT world, there is one constant.  Healthcare regulations and payment structures continue to change and new reforms make it extremely difficult for acute and non-acute healthcare organizations to remain operational as they try to stay ahead of the curve. The truth is, most healthcare organizations have struggled to maintain consistent front end processes due to increased job duties, regulation changes and reduction in staffing ratios of staff responsible for capturing, scheduling, verifying and providing those front end services.

The Electronic Health Care Record software industry has taken steps to help organizations quickly identify opportunities and missed revenue using dashboards and work queues, but software companies are not always equipped to provide meaningful, real-world data for leaders. Experience in data capture and how it is used requires people with real-world experience. Most organizations can’t spare their internal experts or they lack the infrastructure, time and expertise to analyze, strategize and act on opportunities, therefore, the tools don’t provide actionable information.

Patient Access and front end revenue cycle can be a challenge to oversee due to organizational structure, geographic locations, and clinic or even unit governance because they don’t typically fall under the same umbrella of leadership. Many organizations are facing the same inconsistent scheduling, registration, insurance verification and check in processes today that they did a decade ago.  In some instances, external resources are the most cost effective way to perform a meaningful health check on your front end revenue cycle.

Revenue Cycle is traditionally a back end process correcting or completing information gathered on the front end. The idea of pushing errors back to the front end staff to correct and create solutions to avoid future errors can cause job security anxiety for those providing that service today. Moving revenue cycle up stream has been discussed for decades but it never seems to get very far. As more focus is placed on patient experience, patient care, and cost effectiveness, reviewing the front end of your Revenue Cycle is more important now than ever before.

Optimum Healthcare IT’s team of experienced experts can perform a complete health check on your patient access and front end processes to see how you can use registration and claim edits, dashboards, and work queues to refine your current workflows to improve transparency for operational leaders to ensure that your:

  • Staff is capturing accurate patient information
  • Insurance verification is effective
  • Referrals are obtained
  • Authorizations are there when the patient presents for treatment
  • Denials management is a continuous process
  • Customer service comes first

If you need a health check on your patient access and front end processes, contact us today.

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