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Developing your Community Connect program will require resources to analyze workflows, design the EHR, build the EHR, train your organization and implement the new system. Do you have the right team in-house to begin a Community Connect Program? There are pros and cons to using your enterprise EHR team. There are pros and cons to having your own Community Connect team. What is the best route for your organization?

Who knows your Epic build better than your existing Ambulatory team? They are familiar with your build and design. They understand what has worked and what has not worked for your organization. They know your history. And they have spent numerous hours developing best practice tools specifically for your environment.  They are very protective of the existing build, and rightfully so. Is this good or bad?

What about a hybrid model? Maybe you can utilize your enterprise resources and add a few dedicated community connect resources for certain roles? A clear communication plan between the teams is all you’ll need to be successful, right?  It’s that simple. Or is it?

What about your budget?  It’s another item that should be considered when determining how you will build your Community Connect team. Do you have FTEs with available bandwidth?  Do you have enough work to justify new FTEs?

When trying to determine what’s right for your organization, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your enterprise EHR team already have a list of approved projects for this quarter? For this year?
  • Will utilizing the same resources lead to competing priorities?
  • Do your current analysts understand the level of customer service needed for Community Connect, ie: turnaround times?
  • Do they understand the concept of a Community Connect program?

If you are starting to develop your Community Connect Program and have asked any of these questions then you should contact Optimum Healthcare IT’s Community Connect team.  Our experts will partner with you to analyze your current structure, guide you through the process of determining your organization’s best path forward, and develop a plan to help you get the most out of your Community Connect Program.

If you’ve read this far, your interest in implementing a Community Connect program is real.  Contact us about setting up a Community Connect Workshop.  During this FREE consultation, Optimum’s Community Connect experts will provide insights into:

  • Project Management and Team Structure
  • Designing Epic Software to meet the needs of the Community Physician
  • Leveraging Optimum’s experienced technical and application, System and Clinical specialists
  • Developing software security while adhering to HIPAA regulations
  • Analytics

We can guide you through Administration, Sales and Marketing, Preparation Activities, Technical, Help Desk, Application Build and Upgrades for Community Connect.

At Optimum Healthcare IT, we are committed to helping our clients improve healthcare delivery by providing world-class consulting services. We bring the most proficient business and clinical consultants in the industry to identify our client’s issues and explore the right solutions to fit their organization’s goals. Together, we identify and implement the best people, processes, and technology to ensure our client’s success.

  • Improved patient experience: Enable better patient engagement.
  • Enhanced technology excellence: Automate and optimize technology service operations. 
  • Elevated clinician experience: Boost productivity and engagement for physicians and staff.

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