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2018 has seen a record-setting pace for mergers and acquisitions, but there is something that is setting records as well, and this one is not as positive. Data Breaches. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool website, commonly called the “wall of shame,” there have been 165 breaches so far in 2018. These breaches have affected over 3.2 MILLION people. The most common breach is called unauthorized access, and the numbers are astounding. It’s past time for healthcare to increase cybersecurity efforts.

You must understand and mitigate your risks when it comes to cybersecurity. The information in this infographic came from a recent IBM Security Trends report. Although RISK WILL NEVER BE ZERO, there are ways to help improve your odds of avoiding a security breach. Strengthening your information security posture from top to bottom is the first step and is imperative for protecting your organization as a whole from malicious attacks.

2018 Health Data Breaches Fast Facts Optimum Healthcare IT

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