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Given the recent onslaught of EHR implementation vendor solutions, there are many horror stories of what can happen if appropriate, consistent and comprehensive testing is not completed. EHR Testing doesn’t begin or end with the implementation, rather it’s a critical element of running an ongoing Information Technology function. The same principles should apply to your organizational testing programs.

The first rule of successful organizational testing programs is to build them and keep them.  Healthcare organizations today are moving at a record pace to build market share, care for their patients, recruit the best medical personnel – all while trying to sustain a margin to continue growth and operational performance.  To do this requires technology – and not just static, best of breed technology solutions that last 20 years.  Today’s market with its demand to share information, care for the wealth of a patient not just single transactions, integrate across multi-functional care delivery sites and provide safe and innovate health solutions, requires not just an EHR, but a strategic inventory of solutions that are constantly advancing and changing.

Testing is not just a sporadic activity to implement a major change. Organizational Testing Programs should be considered a strategic necessity ready to support the organization’s ongoing needs for innovation and change.

Optimum Healthcare IT has supported over 100 clients in the last five years to implement new vendor technologies and solutions successfully.  We offer end-to-end advisory and consulting services for planning, implementation, and post-go-live optimization, including building and executing a comprehensive testing program. To learn more about our advisory services, please click here to learn more and download our brochure.

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