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As implementations mature and integration with 3rd party applications and entities expand, the focus is shifting toward optimal utilization of the treasure troves of data contained within medical records. Research programs, statistical reporting, and regulatory data reporting requirements – these all use the data found in interfaced records.

Many hospitals, especially early implementers, are finding an unexpected challenge in this reporting though; the data quality isn’t near as high as it could and should be.

Implementing comprehensive Interface Error Management Policies & Procedures and the tools that go with such can prevent data loss and incomplete patient charts.

While every organization is different, and varying conditions may make some avenues more or less relevant, the likelihood of overall significant costs associated with the lack of a comprehensive Interface Error Management strategy is sufficient to warrant serious attention by most healthcare organizations.

Optimum Healthcare IT has a team specializing in all Interface Error Management aspects, from initial concept development and implementation to full-scale tool deployment and training.

If you haven’t given the attention needed to your interface errors, Optimum can also assist in the long-term maintenance of interface errors, ensuring that your EHR becomes and remains not just functional but healthy.


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