Katie Rensch

September 27, 2023

5 Questions for Receiving Community Connect

Read Time: 3 min How do you prove the stakeholder's side of ServiceNow ROI? Optimum has a three-point strategy: investigate, captivate, and empower.
September 6, 2023

Optimum’s ServiceNow Store Opens

Read Time: 2 min Optimum Healthcare IT announced today that its ServiceNow offering, Clinician Connect, is available in the ServiceNow Store.
August 30, 2023

How to Reach the CMDB Summit

Read Time: 3 min You’ve likely considered, or already purchased, a Configuration Management Database - CMDB. Want total control of your IT assets?
August 16, 2023

Lights Out: Defeat Digital Darkness

Read Time: 4 min Four key benefits to standard prescription order sets makes your formulary more efficient and cost-effective.
July 26, 2023

Four Questions with Optimum CareerPath Analysts

Read Time: 7 min If you're looking for talent or if you're a recent graduate, check out what these Optimum CareerPath analysts had to say about the program.
July 13, 2023

EHR: Your Lifetime Journey

Read Time: 3 min Do you know how to navigate the EHR lifecycle? Let's dive deeper into the complexities of each stage in the EHR implementation lifecycle. 
June 28, 2023

Adopting Agile: The Power of Iteration in Healthcare IT

Read Time: 3 min Agile methodology and Iteration support successful technology integration. How can healthcare embrace these concepts?
June 21, 2023

Meet Paige Bonin – BI Developer

Read Time: 3 min CareerPath-graduate Paige Bonin shares her journey to becoming a BI Analyst and her passion for healthcare IT.
June 7, 2023

Meet Anamika Patel Ambulatory Analyst

Read Time: 3 min CareerPath-graduate Anamika Patel shares her journey to becoming an Ambulatory Analyst and her passion for healthcare IT.
May 31, 2023

Empowering Healthcare Excellence: The Vital Role of Clinical Asset Management

Read Time: 2 min Beyond ensuring that medical devices function properly, clinical asset management remains challenging for health organizations.
May 24, 2023

What IT advancements are needed to improve value-based care

Read Time: 4 min The shift to value-based care models in healthcare will require significant IT advancements. Prepare your organization with these tech tips.
May 9, 2023

Meeting the Cloud Revolution’s Talent Demand

Read Time: 2 min The Cloud revolution has transformed healthcare, and the industry urgently needs to bridge the talent gap in this rapidly evolving technology. 
August 30, 2022

The Healthcare Economy’s New Conundrum

Read Time: 4 min For one of the first times in our U.S. economic history, the healthcare economy is no longer an exception to market volatility.
August 11, 2022

Optimum CareerPath Spotlight – Meet Trevor MacGinitie

Read Time: 4 min The Optimum CareerPath Spotlight series showcases the talents of CareerPath graduates. Learn about the people behind the talent program.
April 27, 2022

How to Take a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pulse Check

Read Time: 3 min April is Diversity month! There’s never a better time to celebrate the many backgrounds, cultures, and experiences in your organization.
March 10, 2022


Read Time: 2 min We’re fired up! As fans of healthcare innovation, we’re pumped up! HIMSS22 is here. March 14-18 in Orlando, FL.
March 8, 2022

International Women’s Day: Gender Equity in Healthcare

Read Time: 8 min International Women’s Day aims to “break the bias” by taking action for equality and raising awareness against bias.
February 9, 2022

2022 Outlook: Health Insurers Face Tech Challenges

Read Time: 3 min Innovative solutions have arrived, but health insurers face a new set of pressures and tech challenges today.
November 9, 2021

Talent and the IT Skill Gap: Opportunities to Change the Way we Hire

Read Time: 4 min Talent is a smart investment for healthcare organizations. Is there a smarter way to recruit? Are there ways to change the way we hire?
October 26, 2021

Achieving Health Equity Requires a Robust IT Strategy

Read Time: 3 min HIMSS is hosting Global Health Equity Week to highlight the role organizations face in addressing healthcare equity among patients.
August 17, 2021

Healthcare’s Blind Spot in 2021

Read Time: 3 min If you are a leader of a healthcare organization, then you may have a looming problem - one you might not be thinking about yet, talent.
March 8, 2021

The Paradox of Women’s Equality – It Starts with Giving Men More Benefits at Work

Read Time: 5 min International Women’s Day celebrates women’s accomplishments reminds us of the women's equality challenges many still face.