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Welcome to the Optimum Healthcare IT blog. We are a full-service organization that offers a wide range of solutions, which allows us to assist our clients every step of the way. Our experienced subject matter experts are excited to educate, inform, and share important views and insights.

Our mission is to deliver best practices and leading IT solutions for a strong healthcare community. Through this blog, our goal is to share healthcare IT news, Optimum Healthcare IT thought leadership, analysis of healthcare IT trends, tips, and best practices with our readers. The more educated you are, the more effective you can be. The more engaged we are, the more we can help you achieve your goals. We plan on updating the blog with new posts on a weekly basis.

What topics can you expect?

Our blog will include posts that cover many areas of healthcare IT with a focus on advisory services, EHR implementation, training and activation, Epic Community Connect, Managed Services, Analytics, and Security. Upcoming posts include:

  • EHR Optimization
  • Post Election Healthcare – Expect the Unexpected
  • Getting Started with Epic Community Connect
  • EHR Implementation – Do You Need a Consulting Partner?
  • and much more.

Who should follow our blog?

Anyone in healthcare IT who is interested in healthcare IT news, Optimum’s thought leadership, and analysis of healthcare IT trends, tips, and best practices.

At Optimum, we believe in the power of communication and invite you to share your views by commenting on our blog posts.

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