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Managing HR operations and providing employees with HR services can be a significant burden on time and financial resources for healthcare operations. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, Optimum guides healthcare organizations through improving their HR operations on the ServiceNow platform. Below are five early wins your organization can hope to achieve with an Optimum-guided ServiceNow HR modernization project.

Are you ready to modernize your HR operations? If so, you likely want to make it easier for employees to get what they need and embed intelligence into every delivery experience. You want to break down silos and unlock productivity. Sound too good to be true?

Modernizing HR Operations

All of that – and more – is possible with the ServiceNow platform. But, if you’re in the early stages of modernizing your HR operations, then those might sound like some far-reaching goals. Focusing on the following “quick wins” can energize your organization and put some power behind your journey.

    To achieve HR modernization through robust integration, dashboard, and reporting capabilities, ServiceNow enables you to utilize the data from your other HR systems on a single platform. With a one-stop shop for your HR agents to view employee information, manage their work, and communicate with employees, you will significantly improve efficiency across your entire HR department and organization.
    Once you have established a simple, consolidated platform of HR operations, you can begin to expand on the services you offer. ServiceNow makes it easy to define case intake forms and workflows that meet your organization’s unique needs. Through the expansion of your HR service catalog, automation can begin to remove workload from HR agents through automatic task creation, pre-populated checklists and fulfillment instructions, and pre-defined response templates. With less administrative work, your HR teams can focus more on what’s really important – the people.
    Data is powerful if you can act upon it. As you expand your HR service catalog, you will gain insight into common request types, response and resolution times, and workload volumes. Then, you can begin analyzing your data. What types of tickets are created across your various departments, diversity groups, and employee levels? What additional HR services can be built in ServiceNow to expedite case resolution? What questions are employees asking that show gaps in the information available to them? Identify opportunities, then take action.
    Employees want answers quickly, and ServiceNow HR modernization provides the opportunity to receive those answers without ever opening a case. Starting to build up an employee-facing knowledge base is one of the quickest ways to provide top-notch service to employees while requiring little to no time investment from an HR agent. A solution that saves time, eliminates redundant work, and benefits both employees and HR personnel – that’s what we call a win.
    The ideal ServiceNow experience is a single portal for employees to access everything they need. When employees can find the answers to their own questions, submit their own cases to HR without talking to an HR agent, and receive the help they need without ever touching an email, your HR operations can move from reactive to proactive. Now that’s employee experience.

The above five wins will quickly improve your organization’s overall people experience … and it’s just the beginning. As you work to modernize your HR operations, there’s much to look forward to in future capabilities. Envision a department invigorated with smarter services, automated lifecycle events, and smoother open enrollment periods. If you find yourself curious about the ServiceNow technology and how it can support your organization, reach out to an Optimum rep. We are a healthcare-dedicated consulting firm that brings together people, processes, and technology. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you realize lasting solutions.

Are you ready for HR modernization but don’t know where to start or how to get there? Does your team need guidance on how to maximize your ServiceNow platform and all that it has to offer? Our dedicated ServiceNow team can help. Reach out to our team or contact your sales associate for details on how we can bring healthcare, IT, and your processes together for patient success.

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