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In healthcare, like other industries, the key to staying ahead is technology. Unfortunately, the adoption of new technology, such as the ServiceNow platform, has been traditionally slower in healthcare. As more healthcare organizations go through digital transformation, many processes remain manual and need access to siloed data across various systems. Additionally, outdated workflows and older communication methods, such as fax and phone calls, make it more challenging to manage IT incidents that affect patient care. To optimize operations and patient care, healthcare CIOs should consider ServiceNow.

As healthcare organizations explore ways to adapt and leverage advances in technology, they must also maintain increased security and compliance. Data must be accessible, shareable, and secure to better inform decision-makers and positively impact the quality of care. Additionally, patients expect their healthcare providers to be available both online and off. This is where ServiceNow excels and why healthcare CIOs should consider the platform.

To accelerate your digital transformation, outdated infrastructure must re-imagine processes must be streamlined, and workflows modernized without compromising security and compliance. These steps will make the entire organization more efficient. Healthcare organizations can realize many benefits with ServiceNow, but three immediate benefits are:
  1. Improved Patient Care – By connecting your staff, departments, workflows, and systems across a single platform, patient care across all areas of the organization will be improved. Relevant data and information, such as test results, documentation, and other needs, are available to everyone at any time.
  2. Better Data Quality – With too many disparate systems, there is no centralized area for data which is both inefficient and ineffective. By bringing data into the ServiceNow platform, ALL of the data from ALL of the systems will be together in a single location, supporting process improvement and productivity.
  3. Modernized Workflows – Using a single platform allows you to connect legacy systems, bringing together years of siloed data from multiple systems, and digitize workflows to deliver the best patient care possible.

Integrating ServiceNow throughout your organization will improve healthcare for patients and increase efficiency for providers caring for those patients. With streamlined workflows, both patient experience and patient outcomes will be improved. When combined with better security around your patient’s personal health information (PHI), a single, secure platform will make it easier to get things done.

Optimum Healthcare IT is a part of the ServiceNow Partner Program and we are here to provide implementation and support guidance for you to pursue your digital transformation goals.

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Chief Marketing Officer

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