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It is no surprise that the majority of new hardware and software projects fail within their first or second attempts. In most cases, the root cause of these failures comes down to a lack of organizational readiness. In order for a technology rollout to be successful, organizations must have the right people and processes in place before the Go-Live occurs. Organizations that plan effectively often put Super User programs into action prior to new software or hardware rollouts. Super Users are vital to the success of large go-lives because they add a calming, familiar, knowledgable voice to a situation that can be extremely stressful.

The most critical function that these Super Users perform is they act as mini-champions or trainers. They are embedded within team members’ roles to help guide them through the change management process, teach best practices for using the new tools, and identify areas of improvement.

Super Users receive additional training prior to Go-Live, as well as early access to “non-production” environments for practice. The additional classes and understanding are designed to bring calm during a turbulent organizational initiative and prepare their departments from both a change management perspective, as well as a proficiency perspective.

The Super User program not only benefits the organization during the actual Go-Live phase, it also provides value to other projects outside of just technology. It builds employee morale and engagement by allowing employees at all levels to feel involved in organizational goals. The more engaged an organization’s workforce is, the more likely they are to be successful. Optimum Healthcare IT’s Training and Activation teams always encourage a strong Super User Program to help with workflow validation, usability, and adoption. Here are a few tips to maximize your Super Users:

Super Users are typically selected tentatively well in advance of their actual responsibilities being needed. Selections may be noted and then put on “the back burner.”

  1. It is important to make sure that the role is understood, so staff understand what they are signing up for.
  2. The additional training is to better prepare your Super Users. Ensure they can fully participate to get the most out of the time spent.

Select Super Users that understand their departmental workflows and have the personality to engage with their peers willingly.

  1. An understanding of current departmental and integrated workflows informs the communication of “what we do today and what we will be doing tomorrow” with the new medical record.
  2. It is important to find people who have a desire to help other staff. If the chosen teammate’s role doesn’t allow them to help others at any point, that knowledge sharing impact is greatly reduced with many potential negative downstream impacts.

SuperUser workflow walkthroughs prior to Go-Live in the playground are crucial.

  1. When staff has 5-10 minutes, pull a group together to show how work will be completed in your new system will make it less foreign when the system is live.
  2. Demonstrations of the workflow can promote questions allowing for answers to be communicated both departmentally and organizationally prior to Go-Live. What a great plan to minimize “surprises”!
  3. Moving departmental peers from common (routine) workflows to the less common (complex) workflows via staff meetings, for example, facilitate engagement, excitement, and forward-thinking to ensure effective and efficient use of the system.

Celebrate the Super Users along with the entire staff. We are all embarking on a new journey together.

Are your Super Users ready for Go-Live? Are they making an impact before, during, and after your implementation? If you’re planning an implementation, Optimum Healthcare IT can help you empower them to make the greatest impact on your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help your team.

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