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At the CHIME Spring 2021 Forum, CHIME Chief Executive Officer and President Russ Branzell joined Optimum Healthcare IT’s Vice President of Optimum CareerPath Services, EHR Implementation, and Managed Services Geoff Blanding to discuss the partnership between the two companies and how they are developing the next generation of healthcare IT professionals. Focusing on mid-to-long-term talent strategy for healthcare IT leaders is more critical than ever. The swift response from IT departments to support remote work, the pandemic response, and all the changes over the past year have proven IT projects’ ability to happen fast when necessary and have set the bar high for swift, agile IT execution going forward. IT budgets continue to feel pressure. Many organizations are already dealing with attrition issues that will likely worsen with coming retirements and the war for talent around scarce technology resources like cloud, analytics, or Epic. IT leaders must start to future-proof their team structure, recruitment strategy, and internal training processes.

During this presentation, we discussed:

  • Nextgen Talent Management Challenges
  • The Optimum CareerPath Training Model
  • The CHIME University Course Curriculum
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benefits and Real-World Results

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If you are interested in learning more about the Optimum CareerPath program and the development of the next generation of healthcare IT professionals, please click here:

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