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Epic, one of the foremost electronic health record vendors in the world, announced their latest innovation this week in conjunction with HIMSS21 – the first in-person tradeshow event in 18-months. EpicShare is a new online resource for Epic customers to share ideas, best practices, tips and tricks, and learn what works well from each other. EpicShare connects Epic clients to improve outcomes and patient care.

The site is packed with insightful information from Epic customers including articles on improving care while reducing costs, tips on addressing challenges, adopting trends, and improving operations, actionable ideas from executives, news articles that shed light on the achievements of healthcare organizations, and a section where Epic CEO Judy Faulkner can share her personal philosophies and experiences.

The driver behind this move was to allow healthcare leaders to learn and replicate. According to Epic’s press release, “Every day we hear about the impressive ways healthcare organizations use technology to improve health outcomes for patients, strengthen their communities, and reduce the cost of care,” said Eric Helsher, Vice President of Customer Success at Epic. “EpicShare brings the best of these strategies and insights together every week so that healthcare leaders can learn from each other and replicate successful approaches.”

EpicShare features a subscription service where visitors can sign up to receive the latest healthcare IT news, ideas, and insights from industry leaders. It also includes a Share Your Story feature where site visitors can submit their own insights, perspectives, tips, and success for inclusion on the site. There’s a link to the Epic Health Research Network website where you can find the latest research news and information and a section where readers can submit questions to Epic.

Since 2012, Optimum Healthcare IT has worked with nearly 150 Epic clients. As one of the industry’s highly rated Epic staffing, implementation, training, and Go-Live partners, our team of experts may soon be featured on the new platform sharing information.

“Over the course of almost two decades, I have worked as a clinical nurse leader, as an operational leader, and now as a consulting leader.  EpicShare brings to life the messages of “standing on the shoulders” to their clients in a very real and actionable way,” stated Rebecca Manne, Optimum’s Executive Vice President of Consulting Services.

“EpicShare, “connects” Epic’s healthcare clients and promotes each organization’s ability to collaborate on what works well, what may be a work in progress, and what to avoid. The result is a quicker path to fully utilizing an EHR that streamlines workflows to enhance both healthcare team members’ use of the system and ultimately improved patient outcomes.”

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