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The past 18 months have been a historic trial for healthcare providers and health care systems. They are pivoting from the usual stresses associated with providing care to creating and successfully implementing systems for a rapidly evolving pandemic care landscape, in essence, building the plane while flying it, landing it, then taking off again. It has been amazing and gratifying to see how flexible and adaptable healthcare systems have been in their commitment to providing care in this unique and challenging environment. With that in mind, Optimum developed its EXCEL program to support clinicians.

Now that we collectively, but you as an organization more specifically, are beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel, it is an opportunity to review where you are now and your next steps. New workflows are in place, potentially installed in site-specific locations to get patients into and through the care setting with varying degrees of success. The workflows may be related to video visits, in-person clinic visits, outpatient and inpatient encounters. Your organization may now be trying to assess how to support this environment or bring your operating environment back to a standard that can be supported. Providers may be looking for assistance with the standardization and integration of new workflows while helping balance patient care demands and simplification of how to do both in the confines of the EHR environment. 

As an industry leader in training and post-Go-Live services, Optimum Healthcare IT has developed a program to address these challenges. Building on Epic’s THRIVE After Go-Live Training Program, our mission is simple:  To deliver three key benefits to clinicians through a focused EXCEL program. 

Working with your organization and your providers’ specific needs, we develop a customized program with the ultimate goal of assisting your providers and organization to become more efficient and provide better patient care. 

  • Understand what works best in your organization
  • Expand Knowledge
  • Gain Confidence
  • More Personalization

We have a team of experienced Healthcare professionals that can work with your team to review and understand the scope of changes that have occurred. The focus of the assessment, along with key stakeholders, is to understand what works best, what to standardize and implement, and, critically, to ensure stakeholder buy-in. Once we have built out this roadmap, we would partner with your Training staff to deploy a group of highly skilled resources with in-depth knowledge of the software and its capabilities. This knowledge has been developed through their experience providing support to multiple organizations, multiple variations of provider workflows, and individual providers over several years. Their experiences have helped them develop a unique combination of technical, practical, and soft skills that positions them to work effectively with your providers and drive positive results in the three areas identified. It’s not just their understanding of the software, but how best to integrate your build with workflows and the demands on your providers and staff. Our team focuses on the provider as an individual, acknowledging where they are efficient, where they need focused assistance, and identifying additional efficiencies.

The benefits that an organization can gain from the EXCEL program will go a long way in developing the efficiency of the providers as well as the Care Team. Remember, a single tip learned could save hours, collectively for the staff, in a single day.

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Kevin McNamara, MD

Director of Provider Experience

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