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When a healthcare organization decides on the Epic electronic health record (EHR) as their system of choice, they are committing to a daunting task. In general, implementation takes a lot of preparation to make it to, and through, the EHR go-live. The success or failure of an EHR implementation can often hinge on the engagement and buy-in of the organization’s physicians. When properly engaged, this vital group can champion the effort and escort your organization into the future. With that said, training is one of, if not the most critical piece and it doesn’t end with go-live. That’s where THRIVE after go-live comes in.

We know that organizations make significant investments in training as an integral part of their strategy for success. This typically includes in-class sessions, playground exercises, practice labs, and personalization labs before go-live to prepare their Providers for go-live. Additionally, ATE support during, and ongoing support after go-live is essential to drive successful use of the system. Proficiency is the goal out of the gate, with efficiency being the end goal. Despite this investment, organizations and providers find themselves continuing to struggle to reach their hoped-for efficiencies and proficiencies. Organizations are frustrated, providers and end-users are frustrated, and both are looking for answers.

As an industry leader in training and go-live services, Optimum Healthcare IT has developed a program to address these challenges. Building on Epic’s THRIVE After Go-Live Training Program, our mission is simple:  To deliver three key benefits to clinicians through focused THRIVE training.

  • Expand Knowledge
  • Gain Confidence
  • More Personalization

Working with your organization and your provider’s specific needs, we develop a customized program with the ultimate goal of assisting the providers and organization in becoming more efficient and providing better patient care.

We have a team of highly skilled resources that have an in-depth knowledge of the software and its capabilities. This knowledge has been developed through their experience providing support to multiple organizations, multiple variations of provider workflows, and individual providers over several years. Their experiences have helped them develop a unique combination of technical, practical, and soft skills that positions them to work effectively with your providers and drive positive results in the three areas identified. It’s not just their understanding of the software, but how best to integrate your build with workflows and the demands on your providers and staff. Our team focuses on the provider as an individual, acknowledging where they are efficient, where they need focused assistance, and identifying additional efficiencies.

The benefits that an organization can gain from the THRIVE program will go a long way in developing the efficiency of the providers as well as the Care Team. Remember, a single tip learned could save hours, collectively for the staff, in a single day.

If you are attending the CHIME Fall CIO Forum in Phoenix next week, our focus group on Tuesday, November 5th may be of interest to you. The topic, hosted by Kevin McNamara, will cover Promoting EHR Efficiency Through Targeted Provider and Team Support.

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Kevin McNamara, MD

Director of Provider Experience

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