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Use this 3-step process to reduce human error and improve patient outcomes

Clinical Order Set usage is a key indicator of patient safety and clinical efficiency. They reduce human error and improve patient outcomes through adherence to evidence-based guidelines. But are your order sets correct, complete, and updated to current guidelines? Are clinicians aware of the order sets available to them? 

Inadequate Order Set management leads to inefficiencies that frustrate both providers and project team members. Providers do not understand why the Order Sets are inaccurate. The project team is inundated with Order Set change requests, and Order Set maintenance becomes a lifelong burden preventing everyone from focusing on true system optimization.  

Your organization can improve patient outcomes and streamline care by better maintaining and deploying Clinical Order Sets. When providers use standardized orders per diagnosis, it streamlines care and reduces redundant, personalized order sets within your EHR. 

Use the following three-step process to improve how your organization maintains Clinical Order Sets: 


Establish a formal governance structure.  

Order set usage requires physician buy-in. To gain it, you require a formal governance structure to approve, review, and maintain Clinical Order Sets. Include multidisciplinary representation to ensure widespread adoption. 

Develop a clinical content strategy. 

Clinical Order Sets should represent best practices and organizational standards. Determine the data content sources that will act as your guide for consistent, efficient, and best-practice clinical protocol. 

Review, maintain, and update content. 

You will require a process with defined timelines for the review, maintenance, and updating of your content. This is particularly important for highly customized content, as it will require significantly more time and effort to maintain. Additionally, processes help prevent content bottlenecks which tend to put organizations back to where they started: with outdated order sets. Plan for your future success and how you will stay updated over time. 

Order Sets are an integral part of the day-to-day operations of healthcare providers and organizations. Improve your Clinical Order Sets now and reclaim the happiness of your project team, physicians and organization. 

If you are interested in learning more about Order Sets, download our white paper entitled Clinical Order Sets and Why They Matter. Optimum Healthcare IT employs a process that has been defined and refined to help you manage this critical aspect of your EHR clinical build. If you need assistance with your order sets, contact us today! 

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Kevin McNamara, MD

Director of Provider Experience

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