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In the bustling “virtual” halls of OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University), Anamika Patel shines as an exemplary Epic Ambulatory Analyst. She’s a recent Optimum CareerPath graduate, and OHSU is her first client. With precision and expertise, she navigates the intricate world of the Epic EHR system. 

Anamika holds her team at OHSU in high regard, expressing her gratitude, “It’s important to have a really good team, people that you can count on, people you can go to for help.” Their collaboration and guidance enable Anamika to excel in her role, ensuring quality EHR build for the health system.  

An exciting milestone in Anamika’s career at OHSU was completing the Epic build for a new OHSU hospital. She approached this endeavor with dedication, meticulously configuring and customizing Epic to align with the unique workflows and requirements of the new facility. When asked about the areas of the Epic Ambulatory Analyst build that interest her the most, Anamika shared her enthusiasm for working with SmartTools. She says,

“I’ve been working with SmartTools for a year now, but there’s always something new I learn. I get to dive deep into SmartTools, which is really satisfying.”

She also mentions that witnessing the changes within Epic over time has been a fascinating aspect of her work. 

Reflecting on her journey to becoming an OHSU analyst, Anamika shares her interest in the healthcare field. She explains,

“I’ve always known I was going to do healthcare. I majored in psychology and minored in medicine and society. With the onset of COVID, I had a lot of free time to learn new skills. That’s when I first got introduced to the IT field and data analytics. I did a lot of small certifications online. I realized I really liked the field, and then I found Optimum CareerPath. It was a perfect fit.” 

Outside of work, Anamika embraces a lifelong learning mindset. She shares her recent foray into cooking: “I recently started doing a lot of cooking. It’s fun to experiment with, and I love trying new cuisines. I recently made spinach pasta by hand, and my brownies are really, really good. But my all-time favorite dessert to make is a chocolate mousse.” Anamika finds joy in exploring new culinary adventures, further fueling her passion for learning beyond the realm of her professional responsibilities. 

Anamika’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. She eagerly seeks out new avenues for growth within Epic. Her commitment to stay at the forefront of Epic’s capabilities contributes to her professional development and enhances the quality of care at OHSU. 



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The Optimum CareerPath Spotlight series showcases the talents and backgrounds of CareerPath graduates. Optimum CareerPath is a targeted recruiting, training, and placement program that identifies and trains high-aptitude, early-career employees. After a 12-week, paid training program, CareerPath graduates are placed at client partner sites for rewarding careers in healthcare IT. Learn who the people are behind this innovative talent program. 

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