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“From a young age, I knew I loved coding,” Paige Bonin says. But in the expansive world of coding technology, how would she best apply her talents? Well, Paige studied cyber forensics and information security at Robert Morris University. There, she took a senior course in healthcare information systems, and suddenly she found her passion at the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Just prior to graduation, she discovered Optimum CareerPath.

“It broadened my horizons. It’s hard to get into IT in healthcare,” she said, speaking of the program. “One of my favorite parts was meeting other people and hearing their backgrounds. From what I’ve experienced, everyone was super passionate about going into healthcare IT. “

After a 12-week boot camp involving healthcare fundamentals and a CHIME certification, Paige is now a BI Developer at NY Presbyterian.

Paige’s team at NY Presbyterian is about eight people who have been instrumental to her career growth. When asked about her day-to-day job, she explains how she takes report requests from doctors, nurses, and practitioners and turns them into actionable reports that leaders use to make business decisions. She relies on peer review to gain new skills and perspectives, always improving her approach to BI development.  She describes her manager as supportive and interested in her personal and work life.

The BI Developer role requires a nuanced skillset and an investigative mindset. She elaborates: “Raw data is all over the place. Completely unstructured. What attracted me to the field was how you can take a chaotic data set and make it mean something. Making meaning out of the chaos.”

Paige is surprised by how rewarding her job is, saying, “Actual decisions are being made from these reports.” One of her recent projects was to create a report on all mothers with low protein levels during delivery, which can cause issues down the road. The results of that report helped patients seek follow-up medical care. She additionally worked on a report with patients at high suicide risk. “It was very rewarding to feel like I’m making a difference,” Paige said.

She credits her successful transition from college to career on the lessons she learned as an athlete. “Being an athlete and a full-time student taught me a lot, like prioritizing time management. I know how to get things done.” While an ACL injury ended her track and field days, Paige still loves sports. “I’ve been an athlete all of my life. I learned perseverance and carry that to other areas of my life. I continue to push through.”

Outside of work, Paige enjoys walking and biking, exploring different neighborhoods in Philadelphia. She’s a nature enthusiast, pointing to her tattoos of her favorite flowers and animals, such as an elephant, lion, and tiger, and sharing her desire to add a real-life version of an owl. In five years, Paige hopes to continue to prioritize her happiness, be debt-free, and continue learning and growing in her career.

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The Optimum CareerPath Spotlight series showcases the talents and backgrounds of CareerPath graduates. Optimum CareerPath is a targeted recruiting, training, and placement program that identifies and trains high-aptitude, early-career employees. After a 12-week, paid training program, CareerPath graduates are placed at client partner sites for rewarding careers in healthcare IT. Learn who the people are behind this innovative talent program.

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