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When modernizing your HR-shared services (HRSD), it can be challenging to know where to start. In working with hundreds of healthcare organizations, we’ve learned that while the challenges might differ, the starting point is the same.

Here are four steps to start building a successful roadmap.

  1. Put your ear to the ground. To build a solution that puts employee needs at the center, you must understand the most significant pain points across your organization from the perspective of the internal customers and those doing the work. Conduct surveys and feedback sessions with staff and document the most pressing challenges hindering efficiency and job satisfaction. Where are your employees spending the most time or hitting roadblocks? What repetitive, manual tasks could be easily automated? How do your employees feel about the services they receive?
  2. Define the problem. Perform root cause analysis on the feedback you’ve collected. The real issue is not always apparent on the surface, and neither is the solution. You might discover that other non-HR teams have critical dependencies in the process. Use this opportunity to pull stakeholders together for collaborative problem-solving and alignment. Collect data wherever possible to support your problem statements. Then, document this information and share it with impacted stakeholders in the spirit of transparency and improvement.
  3. Set the vision. This is the fun part. Develop a vision for the ideal process and experience that will both delight your employees and fulfill your strategic business objectives. It’s critical to ensure the solutions are traceable to the root causes you previously identified. Finally, using all the rich information you’ve gathered through this process, create a business case to justify your vision with quantitative analysis and anecdotal storytelling.
  4. Partner up and execute. Identify a digital transformation partner with deep industry and domain expertise and a solid track record of delivering success to healthcare customers. The right partner can help you identify the solutions that best fit your needs and provide a strategic, phased approach that accomplishes your goals within your timeline. Prioritize partners that have developed implementation accelerator solutions designed for healthcare. These accelerators can serve as quick starters to put high-value solutions in place while taking an agile approach to enhance capabilities further, tailoring them to the nuances of your healthcare organization.

Build Your Roadmap With a Healthcare-Specific Partner

To improve employee experience and HR efficiency across your organization, consider a healthcare-specific ServiceNow partner and solution to help you on your journey.

Optimum Healthcare IT’s HR Vitals solution, built on the ServiceNow platform, helps HR teams:

  • Increase employee and provider satisfaction and productivity
  • Get faster turnaround time for HR requests
  • Improve employee self-service and case deflection
  • Get better data insights for more informed decision-making
  • Scale HR operations at a lower cost

Learn more about our healthcare-specific ServiceNow offerings here.

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