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Baptist Memorial Health Care is one of the largest private hospital systems in the United States. It comprises seventeen hospitals, including an academic medical center, and numerous clinics and specialty locations. More than 3,100 physician providers across 34 specialties serve a mid-south population of 1.2 million patients.


In response to the imperative for rapid growth and heightened resilience, Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation (BMHCC) initiated a strategic overhaul to significantly bolster its Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities for its pivotal Epic in the Cloud system.

  • RPO of seconds
  • RTO of < 2 hours
  • Maintain 100% functionality during planned failover events


Optimum Healthcare IT demonstrated comprehensive program management, execution, and governance, ensuring successful outcomes. Their approach included:

  • Implementation of best practice automation using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for Landing Zone (HLZA) and Epic Deployment Automation.
  • Adoption of an elastic design resulting in a reduction of overall cloud consumption by over 50%.
  • Development of a dependency-aware architecture considering complex relationships between Epic, third-party apps, external entities, and key integrations.
  • Utilization of a custom testing methodology featuring progressive dry runs to validate all components, leading to the creation of a comprehensive runbook.
  • Implementation of a phased activation approach to mitigate risks, with Test-Flight #1 involving 24-hour lower volume activities and Test-Flight #2 encompassing 7-day full-scale volumes.

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