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ServiceNow Elite Partner Optimum Healthcare IT

Optimum Healthcare IT is the only Elite ServiceNow partner dedicated exclusively to healthcare.


The Client, an Academic Medical Center in New York, offers 631 beds and provides a wealth of medical services and programs for patients, including a Cardiac Care Department, Cancer Care, Women’s Wellness Center, Ambulatory & Specialty Services, Pediatrics, Outpatient Physical Therapy, Center for Donation & Transplant, and more. They were in need of a robust ServiceNow Catalog.


The Client’s home-grown tool used by personnel to request access to necessary tools and software lacked the needed functionality and support as additional applications were deployed across the organization. As a result, there were no approvals, automation, or efficient expansion capabilities. As the organization continued to grow, it faced increased training and maintenance costs and increased security concerns around access to specific applications. The existing process was inefficient for the IT teams to implement and the users experienced wait times due to the manual nature of the tool. As a current ServiceNow user, the client needed assistance expanding its usage to bring more efficiency and consistency to their organization.

When we embarked on this project, our current solution for requesting system access was a homegrown solution. Our users often complained about the time it took to fulfill requests, including not being able to track status of their requests. As we migrated over to ServiceNow, Optimum Healthcare IT was able to build a flexible solution that addressed all of our users’ concerns, introduced automation to reduce IT's workload, and provided greater visibility into our system access workflows.

AVP, Information Services


The Client chose Optimum Healthcare IT as their ServiceNow Services Partner to expand their ServiceNow Catalog with a focus on best practices and user experience. End-users needed a user-friendly, centralized location to request access to applications to perform their day-to-day activities. When a staff member requests access to tools and software, the client needed an efficient, streamlined communication process with a more effective way of approving and fulfilling requests. The Client was also looking for Optimum to deploy best practices and strategies to help them prepare for future expansion of how ServiceNow will be utilized.

Optimum created a catalog on the ServiceNow Portal with an order guide as a single-entry point for requests. It consolidated the system for system access requests with built-in automation for better visibility and reduced fulfillment time. A particular solution delivered included a Bulk Access Request item, which allows the client team the ability to request access to selected applications for a large number of users – this comes in handy especially when onboarding cohorts of medical students and new faculty employees. Optimum worked closely with the client team to determine the most effective workflows and communications – keeping in line with future upkeep and maintenance to best fit their needs. Alongside this, the technical design of the workflows included approval mechanisms and integrations to enable fulfillment automation where necessary. To provide leadership with visibility to request catalog health, actionable metrics around utilization and duration were modeled on a dashboard for awareness to continue driving for a positive user experience.

The organization is now well-positioned for future growth with its robust ServiceNow Access Request System. Management now has access to actionable metrics on request and catalog utilization with statistics around average ticket times and time to completion.

Multi-Select Catalog Items
Saved Hours in Q1

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