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Our client is a large academic medical center (AMC) in the northeast who is nationally recognized for clinical excellence—breaking new ground in research, training the next generation of healthcare leaders, and delivering science-driven, patient-centered care. To achieve their desired results, the Academic Medical Center was in need of Epic Credentialed Trainers and Optimum Healthcare IT was tasked with helping them locate and acquire experienced Epic training resources.


In preparation for three rolling Ambulatory Activations in 2015, Optimum partnered with the AMC to validate the required number of Epic Credentialed Trainers needed to conduct classroom training for their ambulatory end users. Through these exercises, they determined approximately 50 Epic Credentialed Trainers would be needed to instruct and help support the three Ambulatory activations. However, flying 50 Credentialed Trainers to and from the northeast each week for ten months presented an unwanted financial challenge for our client.


Drawing from our previous experience, Optimum provided a strategy of sourcing local talent as Credentialed Trainers, rather than the common model of using Epic experienced contingent labor who would travel to the job site. Through planning and managing a job fair, Optimum was able to provide our client with locally sourced and vetted candidates to be selected for their Epic Training Team at a fraction of the cost. No travel or expenses are passed to the client by sourcing local talent. To learn more about Optimum’s Training and Activation solutions, please click here.

Credentialed Trainers
Weeks of Training
Cost Savings with Locally Sourced Talent

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