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Guthrie Clinic is a non-profit healthcare organization serving patients in Southern Pennsylvania and Northern New York. The organization, its physicians, and its caregivers are passionately focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities it serves.

The Guthrie Clinic is deeply involved in community health through various outreach programs and partnerships. These initiatives aim to enhance the community’s well-being by promoting health education, preventive care, and wellness. The hospital’s holistic approach addresses patients’ physical, emotional, and social needs, reflecting its commitment to comprehensive healthcare and community support. Guthrie prides itself on providing integrated, clinically advanced services that prevent, diagnose, and treat disease within an environment of compassion, learning, and discovery.

In February 2024, the Guthrie Clinic acquired ownership of Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, New York, from Ascension Health. This acquisition added the Guthrie Lourdes locations, related physician practices, 24/7 emergency and acute care, specialty care, ambulatory surgery, cancer center, health and wellness center, and network of primary care providers to the Guthrie Clinic’s expanding integrated health network, which has 1,500 providers.

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Upon this acquisition, Guthrie’s IT leadership began planning a routine and familiar IT infrastructure integration featuring an Epic implementation with an activation event scheduled for October 2024.

However, at the beginning of May 2024, Guthrie Lourdes faced a debilitating attack on its IT infrastructure due to the cyberattack on its previous parent company, Ascension which impacted normal operations and patient care. The cyberattack resulted in a complete loss of their electronic medical record (EMR) system. With no working EMR system, the hospital projected significant revenue loss during the downtime and an even more significant impact on patient care as outpatient and acute facilities were temporarily closed.

Optimum's ability to swiftly provide high-quality resources for our remote training program and at-the-elbow support, all within just four weeks notice, has been outstanding. The caregivers are thrilled with the exceptional support they are receiving, and they can't say enough good things about the dedication and professionalism of the 'Red Vests'.

Terri CoutsSVP, Chief Digital Information Officer


It was evident that something had to be done quickly. Guthrie Clinic SVP and Chief Digital Officer Terri Couts faced many significant choices. The hospital was witnessing significant revenue loss, diverting patients to other local health systems, and current patients had difficulty filling prescriptions. For the patients who could be seen, providers and clinicians had to revert to paper health records for continuity of care.

The decision was ultimately made to expedite its technical transformation schedule, moving the October 2024 Epic roll-out to June 2024. This meant all providers and end-users needed to be trained, and an expedited go-live with Epic was scheduled with four weeks’ notice.

Guthrie Clinic urgently required a partner capable of rapidly deploying comprehensive training and go-live support to meet this accelerated timeline. The goal was to complete the entire rollout within an exceptionally tight timeframe of four weeks, ensuring that Guthrie Lourdes could resume normal operations and provide uninterrupted patient care for its community.

As a 2024 Best in KLAS Go-Live recipient, Optimum Healthcare IT was the ideal partner that could deliver an integrated, comprehensive solution that leveraged their team’s expertise and proprietary resources to address the urgent challenge of accelerating the IT and Epic rollout at Guthrie Lourdes. Couts recognized how a partner like Optimum could deliver on such an urgent challenge.

Together, Optimum and the dedicated leaders at the Guthrie Clinic quickly developed a comprehensive plan that leveraged Optimum’s expertise and proprietary tools to address the urgent challenge of accelerating the Epic rollout at Guthrie Lourdes.

Optimum drew from its tenured team of Project Managers, Credentialed Trainers and trusted At-The-Elbow (ATE) support resources to swiftly prepare and instill confidence in Guthrie Lourdes staff against this accelerated timeline. Optimum also leveraged its proprietary SkillMarket database to efficiently recruit, staff, and schedule the ideal team tailored to Guthrie Lourdes’s unique needs.

  • Trusted Partner
  • Condensed 4-Week Time Frame
  • Tenured Team
  • Skillmarket

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